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Water is becoming a more and more scarce resource with every year. This tendency is being acknowledged worldwide and the rational use of water resources has become a must in most of the nowadays industrial projects.


The economics of desalination are changing rapidly and are increasingly found to compete closely with more conventional water production methods.


In this field, PlainHill has professionals with extensive experience developing reverse osmosis desalination plants, including initial master plan, feasibility studies, design and contract, procurement, due diligence, construction supervision and contract administration and commissioning of completed installations.


We can provide experience and services for desalination plants, whether it is on the mainland, an island or offshore with a capacity ranging from a few cubic meters to hundreds of cubic meters of water per day.


Although the main aspects of a project are feasibility study, preliminary and detailed design, and construction supervision, we also undertake master plan level assessments of desalination processes that are under consideration. This includes the forecast increase in water demand which will determine the likely timing and capacity of the next incremental step in production capacity, practicality of construction of a desalination plant, blending arrangements and the proposed use of desalinated water.


We also carry out a detailed analysis of water source quality and availability, size of plant, costs and the availability of energy.


Services we can offeror you in this area:


- Investment appraisal

- Technology assessment

- Site selection

- Environmental impact assessments

- Risk assessment

- Plant design and specification

- Project management

- Procurement

- Construction supervision

- Commissioning services

- Process optimization

- Condition and rehabilitation surveys

- Due diligence surveys




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