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Reducing carbon footprint is nowadays not more an option but a legal requirement in many countries. Global ambitious decarbonization targets are paving the way to wind and solar power projects of all sizes around the world.


Going greener is no longer an exclusively environmental decision but an economic need.


PlanHill can assist you on taking this path.


PlainHill’s experts have got their expertise delivering successful wind and solar power projects, whether they’re being interconnected on-grid or integrated off-grid.

This expertise helps us better understand how to offer our clients tailored, on-point solutions, from front end to back end. 


In Wind and Solar Project PlainHill is ready to provide:


- Development and risk mitigation consulting.

- Technical, financial, environmental and interconnection studies.
- Optimized design focused on constructability and operability.
- Construction and commissioning consulting.
- Permitting, environmental monitoring and implementation of mitigation measures.
- Performance, reliability and compliance assessment.









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