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PlainHill has matter experts to assist your company in several areas related to Project’s execution.


Among them we can help you with consulting services in:


- Project Evaluation


- Owner team assessment

- Contracts & Claims

- Environmental

- Taxation

- Logistic



In order to manage and control effectively a project, we need to understand where we are and how we are performing at any moment of time. Not knowing project real status is one of the most common problems project owners can face. PlainHill has the expertise and the professionals required to evaluate and assess your project in order to provide a sound status analysis with realistic improvement proposals.


During Project Evaluation PlainHill can execute those processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required, and initiate the corresponding changes. The key benefit of Project Evaluation is that project performance is measured and analyzed in order to identify and correct variances from the project control plan.




As many owner organizations grow their capital portfolio, it has become clear that they are often not appropriately organized nor properly staffed to handle the owner’s role in project planning and execution. Therefore, clients more and more are looking for support in this area as protecting the owner’s long-term interest during a capital project is critical for business success. 


PlainHill is able to provide your project the required assistance in this area. We offer:


• Assess owner team status, identify needs and propose effective solutions.

• Build methodologies, policies, procedures, rules, tools, and techniques for effective and efficient execution.

• Partnership to complete project staff with key personnel

• Manage the entire owner’s team

• Training

























All projects face challenges during their life. Some of the more critical are related to contracts and possible claims. It’s how we deal with these risks that determine whether projects will deliver successfully or not. PlainHill can support your teams in contract and claim management and more important – dispute avoidance.


Our experienced team has detailed knowledge of the technicalities and legal frameworks for supporting and advising our clients on contractual issues; law regulating claims; negligence matters and legal issues. We provide advice to various clients on different construction procurement strategies, including the application of different contract forms.





With the global acceptance of the negative effects climate change is placing on our planet, governments have raised guidelines on all activities that will have any impact on the environment. Capital industrial projects have always had a major impact on the environment, therefore, they are under more regulations and scrutiny than ever before. For effective environmental management PlainHill team of consultants can assist our clients to operate within the set regulations and avoid undesirable problems.


Among areas PlainHill can help are:


• Impact Assessment

• Permits

• Monitoring Compliance

• Pollution Cases





With the recent changes in tax legislation and new ones expected to come soon, tax consulting is more valuable now than ever.


Capital industrial projects are exposed to more tight taxation scrutiny by the competent authorities than other endeavors.

Different taxation and corporate realities require a targeted conceptual approach, guaranteed by the professionalism that PlainHill consultants have gained over the years.

The solutions we propose respond specifically to the needs and requirements of each customer.




In today’s environment, managing an international supply chain to meet project’s requirements profitability and business targets has never been more challenging.

PlainHill can offer logistic services in line with the new market trends, advising, accompanying and looking for the best solution for our clients through Air, Maritime and Land connections.


We have professional consultants and contact networks worldwide, focused on providing quality service, speed and confidence in all operations.


PlainHill can support your project with:


- Logistic Solutions
- Storage Solutions
- Transport Solutions


Project Valuation
Owner team assessment
Contracts & Claims
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